Jochen Neuffer – Vita Short (8/2021)

Conductor, arranger & composer Jochen Neuffer is working for the world’s leading Pop & Jazz orchestras and is collaborating with some of the most important artists of our time.


He has conducted and/or written for the likes of Gregory Porter, Lisa Fischer, Lalah Hathaway, Ledisi, Moses Sumney, Robbie Williams, James Morrison, Paul Weller, Lianne LaHavas, Donny McCaslin, Bryan Ferry, Jacob Collier, Mark Guiliana, Cory Wong, Jonah Nilsson and many more.

He has worked with some of the most high-profile orchestras in collaborations across many different genres, among them the BBC Symphony Orchestra, The Quincy Jones Orchestra, The Heritage Orchestra, The Metropole Orkest, The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, the WDR Big Band and the SWR Big Band. His works and arrangements have also been performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Seattle Symphony and the San Diego Symphony.

Focusing on non-classical cross-genre orchestral projects and pushing the boundaries of traditional settings his music, which is featured on many albums, has led him to many historic concert stages. With his works he is also regularly appearing on some of the most important festival stages like the BBC Proms, the North Sea Jazz Festival or the Montreux Festival but is also no stranger to cutting edge festivals like the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Tomorrowland and many more.

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Past Projects


Metropole Orkest & Thomas Dybdahl __ Conductor, Arranger

Metropole Orkest & Altin Gün __ Conductor, Arranger




Metropole Orkest & Kovacs __ Conductor, Arranger

Metropole Orkest – “Avond van de Filmmuziek 2021” __ Conductor, Arranger

Metropole Orkest & Weval __ Conductor, Arranger

Metropole Orkest, Nana Adjoa & Gaidaa __ Arranger

Metropole Orkest & Louis Cole __ Arranger

Samu Haber & Big Band der Bundeswehr __ Arranger

Moses Sumney & BBC Symphony Orchestra – BBC Proms __ Arranger

Jong Metropole – Summer Tour 2021 __ Conductor, Arranger

Metropole Orkest & Danny Vera __ Conductor, Arranger

Recording Project [not released yet] __ Arranger

Paul Weller, James Morrison & BBC Symphony Orchestra    Arranger

Pete Tong & Heritage Orchestra “Ibiza Classics” __ Arranger

Metropole Orkest – Transition Festival “Music of Charles Mingus” __ Conductor

Metropole Orkest – “Cuban Jam” __  Conductor

Metropole Orkest – “Dutch Soul Jam Vol. II” __ Conductor, Arranger

Classic Lounge Collective __ Composer, Arranger

Metropole Orkest & Mark Guiliana, Cory Wong – “75th Anniversary Recording” __ Arranger

Metropole Orkest – “Dutch Soul Jam Vol. I” __ Conductor, Arranger





Metropole Orkest – “Dutch Jazz Jam Vol. II” __ Arranger

Metropole Orkest – “Dutch Jazz Jam Vol. I” __ Conductor, Arranger

Altin Gün & Metropole Orkest __ Conductor, Arranger

Gregory Porter & Metropole Orkest – “North Sea Jazz Festival 2020” __ Arranger

Netherland Chamber Orchestra – SOUK Festival __ Conductor

Metropole Orkest – “The Music of Charlie Haden” __ Conductor

Trigger Concert Big Band __  Conductor, Composer, Arranger

Big Band der Bundeswehr __ Arranger





Grégoire Maret __ Arranger

Roberto Fonseca & Metropole Orkest __ Arranger

Kovacs & Metropole Orkest __ Arranger

Cory Wong & Metropole Orkest __ Arranger

Ibeyi & Metropole Orkest __ Arranger

Metropole Orkest – “Tomorrowland - Our Story” __ Conductor, Arranger

Jazzmeia Horn, José James & Metropole Orkest __ Arranger

Heritage Orchestra – “BBC Proms - The Breaks” __ Arranger

Lisa Fischer, Ledisi & Metropole Orkest – “BBC Proms - Nina Simone” __ Arranger

Quincy Jones – “Soundtrack of the 80s” __ Conductor, Arranger

NJJO & Ruben Hein __ Arranger

Donny McCaslin & Metropole Orkest __ Arranger

Metropole Orkest – “Avond van de Filmmuziek 2019” __ Arranger

Trijntje Oosterhuis & Metropole Orkest __ Arranger

Big Band der Bundeswehr __ Arranger

Vision String Quartet __ Arranger





Jacob Collier & Metropole Orkest – “Djesse Vol. 1”    Conductor

Trijntje Oosterhuis & Metropole Orkest __ Arranger

DJ Hardwell & Metropole Orkest __ Arranger

Bryan Ferry & Metropole Orkest __ Conductor

Classic Lounge Collective __ Composer, Arranger

Metropole Orkest – “Avond van de Filmmuziek 2018” __ Arranger